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Author: ken Subject: Mitt Romney proudest moment
Senior Member

Posts: 142
Registered: 10-16-2002

posted on 10-26-2012 at 07:31 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
Mitt Romney's proudest moment

Mitt Romney proudest moment. His speech about Romney care. The model Obama is based on.
Romney truly believed that this was the model for the whole US. He was very proud that it is the model for Obama care.
So why is he against it now? Because he wanted to be republic nominee. Even though the idea for Oboma care was originally republican, the republicans could not stand that this was done by a democrat. So a system, and idea, a law that Mitt Romney truly believes in will be killed so he can be come the president.
44,000 Americans die each year because they can not afford medical treatment, 600,000 go in to bankruptcy each year because of medical bills even with insurance. Mitt Romney is willing to let million of people die and millions of people go in to bankruptcy just so he can become president. He will end a system that he truly believes in, his greatest achievement in his life just to become president. No sacrifice is to much for Mitt to become president. Please watch the video he is so pound of Romney care, then watch the video where he says this should be the model for the nation.

Please watch these two video no mater who you are for:

IF you don't like something in the law change it, don't kill all the good things the law does do!
If they kill the law thousand will instantly lose their health insurance with no possible way to get new insurance.
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